Staffordshire bull terriers, otherwise known as Staffy dogs, are medium-sized and short-coated English dogs that are related to the bull terrier. They are stocky and muscular, which is perfect for their history of dog-fighting. Staffies are incredibly brave and persistent, and though they look intimidating, Staffies are actually very gentle and make good family pets, eve in homes with children. Todays modern breed is more sociable and known for its close attachment to people. They are athletic dogs and love spending time running around in the outdoors.


Staffy dogs love doing everything in full throttle, be it work, play, or love. It is very courageous, persistent, but all the while still obedient and very easy to train. They are affectionate, respond well to physical touch, and develop a strong attachment with their owners making them loyal in every sense of the word. Staffies love people, and in most cases, arent even wary of strangers. But of course, temperament varies with each staffy as well. Meeting new people is not an issue with Staffies who are socialized ever since they were young. For those that arent used to people, however, staffies can become overprotective.

Staffy dogs are also exceptional around children, and they are often adored by parents who are looking to gift their children friendly companions. Staffies are also good with other pets, but without a firm human leader who has given them timely corrections, staffies may be combative to other dogs that are outside the family.

Young staffy dogs have a knack of chewing on things so you might want to consider purchasing a chew toy for your dog. Because of their strong jaws, it is essential that you give staffies chew toys that are meant for larger and stronger dogs. Fragile toys can easily be crushed by a staffy, possibly even choking him. Staffordshire bull terriers must also be kept on a leash at all times when going out, but they can be left along if you want them to roam around a contained area, such as a backyard.


Staffy dogs have a variety of health issues you might want to consider. They are prone to cataracts, hip dysplasia, and tumors. Staffy puppies are regularly seen with elongated soft palates. Like all dogs in the bull type breeds, Staffordshire bull terriers also have gastrointestinal problems such as bloating. Keep your staffy on a balanced diet and he should be okay!