Staffies are very active dogs that are highly affectionate, playful, and downright lovalble. However, if things get carried away, you will find that their very personality is something that needs to be tamed down once in a while. When you decide to get a Staffy pup, you must bear in mind that you have to train them at once in three basic things that all household dogs must learn. The staffy training includes obedience training, and establishing your authority over the dog.

Many Staffy owners fail to establish their own authority over their dogs and this results in an awkward situation when their dogs in turn own their masters. In staffy training you must know the symptoms of when your dog has owned you instead of the other way around. The dog exhibits aggressive behavior whenever people get close to you, or else your staffy always jumps on when you are about to give him his meal.

In staffy training, just like in any other dog training, you will realize that establishing your dominance over your pup is the first step to making your dog obey and follow you. You will also notice that people who have established their dominance over their dogs have better experience in the behavior of their dogs. This does not mean that you should be violent against your dog, which would also be counterproductive.

Aggressive staffies can be harder to train especially when thay have grown older. This is the reason why you should start your staffy training when you get your dogs as a pup. Since the Staffy can be quite an active dog, they will love to run and chase after cats and other animals. This can give you a very hard time at night when they are all making a racket outside.

Another issue that needs to be resolved with staffy training is your dog etiquette. They should learn how to approach strangers, so that they will pose no harm to them. This will also help you when you are taking your dog out for a walk in the park, and you will find yourself the center of attention with the boisterous and noisy dog in the park or in the beach. Nobody wants to have that reputation.

Overall, training your pup at a young age will greatly help establish your authority and dominance over your staffy. They will prove themselves worthy and very affectionate with their owners and other people.