Staffordshire bull terriers, otherwise called staffies, staffs, or staffords, are one of the dog breeds that are often maligned by most people in the United States. Because of their stocky and muscular appearance, people think of them as very intimidating. In most communities all throughout America, these dogs are restricted, regulated, or banned, and its all because of their vicious history. Staffies were once hailed as great choices for dog fighting, a sport that today is deemed illegal. In reality, however, staffies are far from what people perceive them to be. They are friendly, loyal, and energetic companies who require rescue from families who no longer want them or shelters looking for foster parents. Heres everything you need to know about Staffordshire bull terrier rescue.

Tip #1: Contacting Your Animal Control Department

Before considering a Staffordshire bull terrier rescue, it is highly essential that you contact your animal control department first. You need to know if staffies are banned in your town and if there is a need to acquire special licensing insurance. If you live in a homeowners associated or an apartment, find out first if staffies are allowed.

Tip #2: Know Everything You Can About Staffies

You wont be able to take care of a staffie if you have no idea what they require. Staffies, just like other dog breeds, have specific care requirements. Find out about the Staffordshire bull terriers temperament, grooming care, and feeding requirements. You can find out a lot about these dogs by doing a simple Internet search about them.

Tip #3: Visiting Your Local Animal Shelter

Your local shelter may have staffies that require rescuing. Call your local animal shelter and ask them if they have staffies that are up for adoption. Most animal shelters, however, will not house staffies because of public safety issues. If, for some reason, you find a shelter that houses staffies, ask about the dogs. Ask the shelter why the dog has been placed in the shelter and if he or she has any aggression issues. Remember that traits that you want in a dog for once you adopt them, you will be spending years and years with them.

Staffies are not the vicious animals that most people think they are. When trained well, staffies are actually kind-hearted and gentle creatures that make loving pets. A Staffordshire bull terrier rescue will save these pets from dying in places where they are not wanted.