Don’t let their fearsome look fool you: Staffordshire bull terriers are loving, affectionate, and funny dogs who are sure to delight their owners. This article gives tips in how you can take care of Stafford bull terrier puppies.


Feed your Stafford bull terrier puppies twice a day, once in the morning and once again come dinnertime. Your pets should be fed high-protein food. Be careful not to overfeed them or they may end up becoming overweight or even obese.

Make sure to have a water bowl always filled with water for your Stafford bull terrier puppies. Their short snouts make them prone to overheating, so they always need to have water.


Because they have smooth, short coats, Stafford bull terrier puppies are pretty easy to groom. You can brush their coat or rub it with a towel or chamois everyday to retain the shine of their coat. Bathe them once a week. Make sure to wipe the inside of their ears with a soft cloth gently to keep these clean as well.

As a side note, because Stafford bull terriers don’t have thick coats, they may not do well in outdoor weather. As such, it’s better for your Stafford bull terrier puppies to be indoor pets and not outdoor ones.


Stafford bull terriers are highly active dogs, so you will need to take them out to exercise every day. Walking and running are always great, and you can also tray them to play catch.

Be careful when bringing your Stafford bull terrier puppies though. Being naturally curious and impulsive, they have the tendency to chase after just about anything that catches their attention, which means that you need to watch them when you’re near a road.

Vaccinations and vet visits

Like other breeds, you need to make sure that your Stafford bull terrier puppies get vaccinated to keep them protected from all sorts of diseases. Ask your veterinarian about worming as well. It’s also a good idea to have your dogs checked by the vet yearly to see if there are any problems that can put their health at risk.


Stafford bull terrier puppies are pretty smart, so it’s possible to train them as show dogs. In fact, some owners actually train their Staffies for agility and competitive obedience. Do note that the breed can be very stubborn at times, so you need to be very patient with them during training.

Stafford bull terrier puppies love to chew, which is why you need to make sure that you train them to avoid this habit, or at least give them chew toys that they can gnaw on. Always keep an eye out on them though, as their powerful jaws can tear through their toys in no time, putting them in danger if they accidentally swallow the pieces.

Staffies are quite friendly, even to strangers. Nonetheless, it’s still important that they should be socialized. Stafford bull terrier puppies that are not socialized are more prone to being aggressive toward other dogs and even kids, so make sure to socialize them early.

Stafford bull terrier puppies can be quite adorable. Do take the time to care for them properly to make sure that they’re happy and well provided for.